14 comments on “Treasure trove of Butterflies – Ganeshgudi

    • Thanks Santosh, Inspite of being unwell and surrounded by crazy birders I was able to see so many butterflies. There were definitely more butterflies more than those mentioned in the list.

  1. Lovely list and list of pics! I didn’t get many of these, ofkose..so enjoying them on your blog. I saw the Glad-eye but getting it was not possible!

  2. Poornima,

    My sister Padma and I are glad we made your acquaintance this morning. We hope a friendship blossoms.

    Ganeshgudi is breathtaking, especially the Tamil Lacewing. Will leisurely explore your blog.

    I have a video you may like – ‘Flowering Gardens’ (4.18 GB / 1:07:48) – and can make a copy for you. Please bring a flash drive.


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