12 comments on “Smart plants

  1. A very informative post, Poornima. Just curious, is it in some way related to Aristolochias, which was covered by Guru-G in one of his earlier posts? Or is the similarity limited to the fact that both are insectivorous plants? Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks Uma
      Aristolochias and ceropegia seem to have similar pollinating mechanism.They belong to different genus.Both are not insectivorous plants because insects they trap is not their food they use them for pollination.

  2. Hello!

    May I ask You, if You may possibly give me the permission to use Your beautiful photos of this C. candelabrum on my website/blog about the genus Ceropegia?

    I’m desperately seeking for photographs of that species.


    Of course, I’ll give credit, and of course I will not use anything without Your permission!

    greetings and kind regards
    Alexander Lang

  3. Great find It reminds me of pitcher plant… the ones in maroonish brown colour used to be so common… we used play with it.. haven’t seen one in ages

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