6 comments on “The case of the Emigrant’s missing egg shell

  1. Absolutely fabulous documentation, Poornima! What a voracious eater the cat is!! That egg case is as large as it!! Did you pick the leaves off the plant as soon as the eggs were laid? A common mormon laid eggs on my neighbour’s karavepalai, and I was apprehensive that removing the leaves will cause them to dry up and the eggs to fall off before they hatched. I asked Anupreet Dhody, who raises butterflies, what to do, and she told me to wait till the eggs hatched and then remove the leaves. I did so, and the cats are now growing in a box in Vani Murthy’s home, happily chomping on leaves!

    • Hi Uma
      Thanks for your lovely comments. Yes I had picked the leaves as soon as they were laid. I had the host plant in my neighborhood.
      We can remove the stalk on which the leaf holding the egg . By rolling a moist tissue near the end of the stalk the leaves remain fresh
      for a few days.Then we have to keep replacing it with newer leaves.

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